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Our Company

We select quality Mediterranean and African products.

We deal directly with small producers to ensure quality and traceability. Our producers practice ancestral techniques, which have been proven over time.

We try to bring our social touch adapted to each community around producers to improve their living conditions.

MAGON Horizons is Certified FR-BIO-01 by ECOCERT  France SAS for olive oil


Our Logo


Our Logo is inspired by the Berber symbol of the tree; for whom the tree represents the axis of the world around which beings gravitate to things and spirits.

Symbol also of life and knowledge.

About Us
Our Logo

MAGON history

MAGON Carthaginian agronomist, around 200 BC, author of the famous treaty on agricultural and methods used in North Africa, encouraging agriculture on small areas to improve monitoring and quality.

Translated by Rome, which revolutionize agriculture around the Mediterranean.

Methods stil up to date.

Local Economie

We know our producers and we interact with the locals around our products, which allows us to master the production line and to make circuit shorter.

Fair Trade

 We develop a win-win relationship with our producers, to guarantee a correct income to our producers and guarantee quality products.

Our Commitment

We ensure compliance with the requirements of organic farming.


We contribute to improving life quality of the employees around small producers through actions adapted to each community.

Responsible Production

Responsible Production

Our first selection criterias are:
the quality of the products, the working conditions of the producers and their environmental commitment.

Creative Recipes

Recipes and Creation

Olive oil is present daily in the the Mediterranean plates, beyond the benefits, it brings taste and character to the Mediterranean cuisine.

Our sweet and fruity olive oil goes wonderfully with the majority of dishes.

At breakfast, you can enjoy it with a little honey and some bread.

As an appetizer with a some harissa (Chili pasta) and tuna.

On top of a fresh salade

It amplify the teaste of your white fish

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Contact us

MAGON Horizons

7 Avenue Saint Louis, 94210 La Varenne Saint Hilaire


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